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It is suitable for manual dispensing gun in small scale disp

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  The structure of manual dispensing gun is simple and easy to operate. If it is used in the toy dispensing links, it is necessary for the operator to hold the manual dispensing gun to carry out production work. Because it is manually operated by employees, manual dispensing gun is only suitable for small-scale dispensing production. If large-scale dispensing production is to be carried out, it is recommended to use intelligent toy dispensing machine.

  Introduction of manual dispensing gun installation

  Compared with dispensing valve, manual dispensing gun is not suitable for assembly in toy dispensing machine, only a single manual operation. The installation method of manual dispensing gun is very easy. The composition of this dispensing gun is simple. It is mainly composed of dispensing needle barrel, bracket handle, metal button and other accessories. When assembling and installing, the clamp rod on the handle of manual dispensing gun is pushed upward, the push rod is inserted into the handle of the glue gun, then pushed inward, and the push rod is completely removed. After inserting the glue gun, install the dispensing cylinder again. Pay attention to the installation of dispensing cartridge, pay attention to check the sealing effect if, if the sealing is not good in the process of dispensing toys easy to leak glue and other production problems.

  Manual dispensing gun for headphone dispensing

  If the toy dispensing needs large-scale production work, the intelligent toy dispensing machine is selected to work with high-precision dispensing valve, which can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of toy dispensing production. If the number of toys requiring dispensing and bonding is not large, the use of manual dispensing gun can not only ensure the quality of toys, but also improve the production efficiency.
 The structure of manual dispensing gun is simple, and it is very convenient to operate. Although it is not as efficient as toy dispensing machine, it can be used in small-scale production to meet the needs of product production.