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How to choose the appropriate glue dispenser?

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Choose the right accessories, first of all, we must know which type of dispensing machine for the needs of accessories, such as AB dispensing drum does not meet the use of spray dispensing machine, must choose, which can not complete dispensing task, this is an inevitable result, in what industry production needs what types of accessories and dispensing machine, are basic rules. Sure.
Choose glue filling equipment and accessories according to industry demand.
The automobile sensor industry filling task, which choice of filling equipment and product production needs to match, such as: automobile sensor filling needs to use filling machine and AB glue drum, and you have to choose spray dispenser, which production effect is certainly not as fast as the former, which also leads to poor production effect, but also There will also be various problems in the proportion of glue and the use of AB glue.
How to choose dispensing syringe
How to select the suitable AB dispensing cartridge is a kind of technical activity. It is necessary to have a deep understanding of the dispensing industry to know how to select the high-quality dispensing cartridge. The difference between the AB dispensing cartridge and the double-liquid dispensing valve is that the glue ratio of the former is fixed, while the latter can be adjusted according to the requirements of the size of the AB dispensing cartridge. The cartridge will not work, which is similar to that of the jet dispenser.
Examples of selection of syringes
Selection of dispensing cartridge is mainly based on the requirements of the industry production, such as automotive sensor demand for AB glue, and then need a ratio of 1:3, which choose the size of AB glue cartridge, is 1:3 ratio, so that the effect of filling will not be a problem, and the use of AB glue cartridge also need to pay attention to, that is, can not make it Filling with a large amount of glue industry, because there is not much glue in the dispensing drum, which is mainly used for the industry with less glue and higher precision, automobile sensor glue filling need to use a double-liquid dispensing valve, in order to truly achieve the task of filling glue.
At present, the use of AB adhesives for filling is still less, such as automobile sensors are using dispensing valves, the main reason is that the AB adhesives of the glue ratio and the use of AB glue is more troublesome, so many manufacturers do not like to use this method of operation, and spray dispensing machine application is the same.