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Multiple action dispensing valve with complex movement and s

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What is the compound dispensing valve? Spring is able to move back and forth, can continue to carry out glue output, this is the double-action dispensing valve, with super continuous dispensing function, but also the effect of rapid back-suction, this is the market use of the most and the best one glue valve, many types of dispensing machine are able to use the double-action dispensing valve for dispensing, with the glue needle. The tube is at different levels.
Dispensing valve price
The dispensing valve used in the bottom packaging of the circular dispensing machine for display screen is a double-acting type. In addition to the plastic dispensing needle barrel, the valve can be divided into three types: a single-acting dispensing valve, a double-acting dispensing valve and a spraying dispensing valve. The price of the spraying dispensing valve is the most expensive one, and the double-acting and single-acting prices are relatively cheap. A hundred to thousands of intervals, but also acceptable, the injection price is thousands to thousands, generally will not be used, circular dispensing machine for display bottom packaging choose which kind of glue valve will be better?
331复动点胶阀 Choosing the glue valve that meets the requirements is more important.
As long as the production needs of the rubber valve, for the industry production is the most favorable, and the price is only the difficulty of production and consumption decision, jet valve price is expensive to use in the bottom of the display screen packaging is not a good repeat dispensing valve, the selection of appropriate rubber valve is the most beneficial to product production, dispensing needle barrel is the same, it can also make In general industry production, the price is lower, usually a few cents.
Advantages of the compound dispensing valve
What are the advantages of the compound dispensing valve? Removal can continue to dispense, and the effect is very good, can continue to dispense effectively, and the output of glue can also meet the production requirements, the display bottom packaging needs a large amount of glue, which use the dispensing valve to meet this point, and the display dispensing for precision requirements are quite high, no rebound Fast enough to easily affect other parts, according to these requirements, the final configuration of the Chinese manufacturer of compound dispensing valve, let it in the round dispensing machine for display bottom packaging.