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The dispenser can be used with two liquid AB glue. Where can

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AB dispensing valve must be known by many people. Has anyone ever understood its performance? Do you know that it uses AB glue to have the performance of AB dispensing valve? The dispensing needle barrel also conforms to the use of dual-liquid glue, the problem can be solved, more direct than AB dispensing valve, before the glue has not been out of the corresponding proportion of the parts.
Plastic dispensing syringe making
AB dispensing cartridge is made of plastics. It is easier to control the volume and size than AB dispensing valve, so it will be simpler in the glue ratio. If it is 3:1, the dispensing cartridge for storing A glue will be made three times bigger in proportion, and then stored in glue. When dispensing with AB dispensing machine, the a glue will be enlarged. Some can be, but the same need to configure a mixing needle tube, so that the glue for the corresponding mixing, so that it can achieve rapid curing effect. The use of AB dispensing cartridge generally conforms to the industry with a small amount of adhesive, while the use of AB dispensing valve for automotive sensor filling will be better.
Points and shortcomings of dispensing syringe
The advantage of using AB glue dispensing cartridge is that the glue ratio is simple and the use rate of AB glue is high. The disadvantage is that it can not be used in the industries which need large amount of glue, such as automobile sensor glue filling, junction box glue filling, stabilizer glue filling and so on. Different industries require different dispensing parts, which can achieve the most cost-effective, in fact, this AB glue spraying. The dispensing machine is not authentic, and the way of dispensing is somewhat similar, so it is called spray dispensing machine. The real spray dispensing machine basically uses spray dispensing valve instead of AB dispensing cartridge. There is a big difference between the two, spray dispensing valve does not need glue ratio, and can not use AB glue.
Ab glue is in line with the use of AB glue dispensing drum, can also be used in AB glue spray dispensing machine, but more in line with the use of small products, and can not be used in a large flow of products, small products can be used in what industry? For example, electronics, mobile phones, these small products can use this dispensing needle barrel, it is more convenient.