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Manufacturers sell imported precision screw valves in batche

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There are two kinds of precision screw valves, one is made in China, the other is imported. The performance of the two kinds of screw valves will have some differences. The main reason is that the service life of imported products will be longer and the quality will be better, while the service life of domestic products will be significantly worse. Many manufacturers will choose process import valves, while import valves. It is necessary to have some channels to get it, otherwise the price will be very high.
Paint the surface of the chain.
Desktop spray dispensing machine used in the chain coloring, will use precision screw valves for dispensing, similar to paint and low-concentration glue, will not use ordinary type dispensing valves, easy to lead to leakage, and the use of precision screw valves can greatly improve the quality of the color, the color of the chain will also be improved, increasing the value of the chain. Any machine is helpful for production, or you won't buy a desktop spray dispenser or a precision screw valve.
Form chain type
There are two ways to solve such problems. For example, spray valves and precise screw valves are not needed. Stainless steel, no need to spray paint, can reduce costs and expenses. There are still many types. The price of the dispenser is not cheap, and the price of this desktop dispenser is about 50,000. Compared with the general dispenser equipment, the price is quite expensive, but the cost-effective ratio is high, just like the use of imported precision screw valves.
Advantage of buying imports
The spray dispenser can only be purchased if the color of the watch chain is satisfied. The price is not the advantage of the spray dispenser. The combination of precision screw valves makes the dispenser more excellent, which has a great relationship with the selection valve. If it is not the screw valve, it can not be painted.
喷射式点胶阀 We have a single sale of precision screw valves, expensive, but also cheap, which choice depends on your preferences, in fact, the performance of domestic follow-up is not much different, the import price is generally 10,000, basically the price of a 221 dispenser, and the domestic price is generally 5,000. For purchase, please choose the Chinese system, the hotline is 13928403389..