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Custom-made three-axis platform single-liquid pur glue spray

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Guide: pur single-liquid platform sprayer is one of our special equipment for hot-melt adhesive manufacturing. The Chinese name of PUR glue means hot-melt adhesive. Because of the glue characteristics, it must be heated to give full play to the viscosity of hot-melt adhesive. In addition, pur single-liquid platform sprayer belongs to a non-standard automatic glue dispensing machine, which directly indicates that this machine needs to be customized.
Domestic Advanced Rubber Spraying Machine
喷胶机 As one of the more advanced machine types at present, spraying machine uses spraying method to dispense glue, high-pressure spraying glue, high dispensing accuracy, no longer need dispensing needle to control dispensing accuracy, directly improve dispensing effect, dispensing in medical equipment has been used by many manufacturers. The initial type of three-axis non-standard automatic dispensing machine needs to carry hot-melt glue and stainless steel dispensing needles. The accuracy is mainly controlled by the needle. The dispensing speed and precision are not as high as pur single-liquid platform spraying machine.
自动喷胶机 Pur single liquid platform sprayer parameters:
Model: ZZ-87
Name: Single liquid sprayer
Dispensing valve: hot melt spray valve
pu单液平台喷胶机 Working temperature: dispensing valve temperature: 80-100 degrees, automatic dispensing machine temperature: 1-40 degrees
Operation mode: automatic
Dispensing speed: 600 mm/sec
Repeated dispensing accuracy: 0.02%
Driving device: upper silver guide rail and synchronous belt
Machine weight: 78kg
Maximum Space Mobility: Customized
Power supply: 220V 50/60hz 3kw
Application of Pur Single-liquid Platform Sprayer
In addition to dispensing medical equipment, there are many other industries that can be used, such as: paper dispensing, LED lamp disc dispensing, battery box packaging, communication equipment dispensing, automobile and parts coating, etc. Many industries can use pur single liquid platform spraying machine. Although the platform spraying machine for each industry is different, we can manufacture non-standard automatic dispensing machine and make minor modifications on the original basis so that other industries can meet the dispensing requirements.
热熔胶点胶机 Glue for PUR single-liquid platform sprayer
Hot melt glue, fast-drying glue, red glue, SMT red glue, epoxy resin glue and so on, also need heating glue, basic use, preferably not more than 120 degrees, otherwise pur single-liquid platform spray glue machine can not withstand such temperature, need to use non-standard custom hot melt glue dispensing valve, in order to barely meet the needs, such as medical equipment dispensing needs of hot melt glue temperature higher.
If you need any type of non-standard automatic dispensing machine or standard PUR single-liquid platform spraying machine, you can call the telephone service hotline 139028403389.