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Customization of non-punctuation equipment for automatic vis

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Guide: Visual spray dispensing machine for the current dispensing industry, belongs to a more advanced equipment type, using non-standard production, meaning according to your industry production needs, tailor-made automatic dispensing equipment for you, dispensing effect will be better than ordinary dispensing equipment, more importantly, dispensing compliance is higher, dispensing effect is good.
视觉喷射点胶机 Basic parameters of visual jet dispenser
Model: zz-57
Machine alias: spray dispensing machine, large dispensing machine operating system: PLC + computer
Motor: 2 servo motors + 1 stepper motor light source: LED adjustable lamp
Conveying mode: three-axis motor: 2 servo motors + 1 stepper motor
视觉喷射式点胶机 Screw: ball screw + silver guide solenoid valve: imported dispensing valve
CCD camera: German visual dispensing camera display: ASUS
Lens: High-precision lens dispensing valve: imported jet dispensing valve
Application of Visual Jet Dispenser
Mahjong spray painting, handicraft painting, commemorative coin painting, sports decorative paint, optical lens seal, paint free spray paint, local spray and so on, these are the products that can be used for dispensing with jet dispensing machine, and many products can meet the demand of dispensing. As long as you give samples to us, we can produce automatic dispensing equipment that meets production needs for you. The dispensing effect and production efficiency of non-punctuation equipment may be higher.
Glue for Visual Jet Dispenser
At present, most of the glue types used by jet dispenser are low-concentration glue, such as paint, low-concentration epoxy resin glue, butter, water, lubricant, etc. These low-concentration glue can be basically used, because the reason of visual jet dispenser, high-concentration glue is easy to cause blockage or insufficient pressure.
The automatic visual jet dispensing machine is manufactured by non-standard technology. The main reason is that the cost or dispensing accessories in various aspects are expensive. However, the visual jet dispensing machine can realize the full automation production technology and no longer need manual assistant production, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the probability of the occurrence of defective products in the production process.
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