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High precision non-standard precision non-contact spray disp

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Guidance: At present, there are not many products with high-precision dispensing technology. There are several products, such as jet dispensing machine, visual dispensing machine and precision dispensing machine, while the others belong to middle-upper or low-end machines, which can not reach the high-precision "title". Today, I will introduce you a kind of non-contact dispensing machine called precision dispensing machine.
Using PLC as control system
The basic parameters will not be described one by one, mainly about the performance of its precision screw valve and the color of the watch chain. The precision non-contact dispensing machine belongs to a large and small jet dispensing machine. It uses the PLC operating system, uses the computer to design dispensing path, dispensing step design need not worry, dispensing accuracy is guaranteed, but also uses the precision screw valve.
精密非接触点胶机 Effect of Precision Screw Valve
Precision screw valve belongs to an imported valve. Its service life and dispensing stability are recognized by the market. One manufacturer has not been damaged for ten years. This is the quality bar. Precision screw valve is not driven by air pressure, but by using voltage to control dispensing. When dispensing parameters are controlled by computer and signals are given to the screw valve, spraying will be carried out. The dispensing speed is fast, the precision is high and the sealing is good. Therefore, the dispensing machine is called precise non-contact dispensing machine.
Performance of Applying Chain Coloring
喷射式点胶机 Chain coloring generally uses low concentration glue, fluidity, demand more sealed dispensing valve, and this glue also has a feature, will spread, small glue spots will spread into a large irregular pattern. We have used the general automatic dispensing machine, but there is no result, so we will use the precision screw valve as a glue control device, the quality of the chain color can be solved.
精密螺杆阀 Precision non-contact dispensing machine belongs to one of the dispensing equipment with high precision in jet dispensing machine. Many of these dispensing valves are very expensive. One needs more than 10,000 yuan, so we don't have the stock of this jet dispensing machine. If you need precision non-contact dispensing machine, you can call our telephone service hotline: 13928403389.