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Customization of Fully Automatic High Speed On-line Spray Di

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As the mainstream dispensing equipment, the dispensing efficiency will be more prominent when the high-speed spray dispensing machine is equipped with pipeline. This is the advanced dispensing equipment type in the target dispensing industry. However, these types of machines need to be customized. Our Zhongzhi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. can produce the spray dispensing machine that meets the needs of the pipeline dispensing.
Application of on-line dispensing machine
高速喷射点胶机 Online dispensing machine means equipment that can dispense glue in combination with assembly line. Target ordinary dispensing machine can only accomplish ordinary dispensing task. It also needs manual production, such as silicone ring dispensing or electronic component dispensing, etc. It will use automatic three-axis dispensing machine, while high-speed spray dispensing machine mainly applies high precision and spray paint, similar to jewelry and car logo.
General dispensing industry
Silicone ring dispensing and electronic component dispensing are not very demanding for dispensing technology, so there is no need to use the blade jet dispensing machine as a production machine, and more automatic three-axis dispensing machine is better, because the cost is relatively low, so it is reasonable to recommend you to use this dispensing equipment, and the price of high-speed jet dispensing machine Surely it will be better than ordinary.
Introduction of jet dispenser
流水线点胶机 At present, this fully automatic high-speed on-line spray dispensing machine is a medium-sized and large-scale dispensing equipment, combined with the production line as a production machine, the volume will be larger, the journey will be designed according to the width of the pipeline, without hindering the production process of the pipeline, so that dispensing production mode can be completed at one time, and dispensing production can be accelerated. One of the advantages of jet dispenser.
And our high-speed spray dispensing machine not only meets the demand of dispensing accuracy, but also the production speed is one of the highlights. The speed of each product production can reach 600 mm/sec, faster than the general dispensing speed, but also spray dispensing, there will be a more obvious speed!
If you need to use full-automatic high-speed on-line spray dispensing machine, or need silica gel ring dispensing or electronic component dispensing equipment, you can call our telephone service hotline directly: 13928403389.