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Production of 331 Three-Axis Desktop Automatic Gum Spraying

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331 means that the dispensing stroke is 300mm * 300mm * 100mm automatic spraying machine, which can meet the dispensing and packaging requirements within this journey. First, let you know the performance parameters of this three-axis desktop automatic spraying machine, what dispensing technology and speed are available to meet the requirements of multi-high dispensing accuracy.
桌面式喷胶机 Technical parameters of desktop automatic spraying machine
Machine Model: zz-pj-31 Machine Name: Desktop Automatic Spraying Machine
Control mode: PLC control system drive system: servo motor + synchronous belt
Dispensing speed: X/Y600mm/s Z300mm/s acceleration: 0.5s
Programming: PLC software + computer storage capacity: 500g
Workload: 15kg Z axis load: 10kg
喷射式点胶机 Repeated dispensing accuracy: +0.01mm resolution: 0.01*0.01mm
Equipment power: 750W light source: LED light source
Selection: automatic height measurement, needle adjustment.
Advantages of Desktop Automatic Spraying Machine
1. It has fast dispensing technology and stable point gum quality. 2. It can be matched with various types of dispensing valves, needles and needle barrels, including screw dispensing valves, ordinary dispensing valves, plastic needles and stainless steel needles. 3. It can meet the requirements of high-precision dispensing and support the whole dispensing system. 4. It can support computer system control and more stable dispensing path design.
Application Industry of Spraying Machine
Pcb board spraying, semiconductor packaging, camera module dispensing, IC chip dispensing, mobile phone dispensing, medical equipment dispensing, etc., are used for high-precision dispensing industry. This is the performance advantage of desktop automatic spraying machine. Imported equipment is used to complete a variety of high-precision industry dispensing tasks.
Use advanced dispensing accessories at home and abroad
At present, the technology of spraying glue on Pcb board and semiconductor packaging can still be used in domestic production. But some special high-end products need to use advanced dispensing technology. This is the requirement of dispensing technology. Advanced core technology is valuable only if it meets the production requirements. We have produced desktop automatic dispensing machine in order to meet various high-precision dispensing requirements. Required industry dispensing.
Pcb board spraying and semiconductor packaging have desktop automatic spraying machine, which can meet the requirements of dispensing. There are also some high-precision industries that can be used in this spraying machine. If you need equipment with high-precision dispensing technology, use our spraying machine. We can meet your technical production. Welcome to call service hotline: 139-2840-3389.