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Desktop Standard Version 551 Dispenser Manufacturers Large D

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551 dispensing machine is a standard type machine in dispensing equipment. Its fixed length, width and height are relatively fixed in the application industry and dispensing aspect. Products with a distance greater than 500 mm can no longer dispensing. The advantage of the standard machine is that the price is cheaper and it will be cheaper than the non-punctuating machine. This is undoubtedly a benefit for the dispensing industry.
551点胶机 Standard machine cost is low
Because of the limitation of machine, the cost of production will be lower. Because of the large demand, the cost of material will decrease, but not the standard. Customization is needed to produce, cutting materials will be different, and the cost of demand will be increased. In fact, not all products need to use non-punctuation machine for production, and some industries can use standard dispensing machine for production. Dispensing, or there will be 551 dispensing machine.
Standard can be used to refit into non-standard machine
Standard machine also has the advantage of standard machine, which is lower in price than non-standard machine. Non-standard machine can achieve more dispensing requirements, such as shoe sole dispensing, need to use quick-drying glue for dispensing, need to modify dispensing valve, can not use ordinary dispensing, but need to use products made of Teflon material to meet the demand. This is non-standard machine. Benefits, but this can be modified on the basis of 551 dispensing machine, so we will still be modified according to the standard machine for dispensing requirements in different industries. Standard 551 dispenser can meet a lot of dispensing requirements, such as: using one-component dispensing valve for blackening; dispensing in the electronic industry; dispensing in the LED industry and so on.
Standard models have a large stock
551 dispensing machine is a standard machine. Our medium-sized dispensing machine manufacturer has a large stock. We need you to wholesale and buy it. We can find us the first time. We can transfer the goods within three to five days. This is the advantage of our factory's transfer. If you are not sure whether 551 dispensing machine meets the requirements of gluing, we can let you do free proofing, such as shoe proofing. Bottom dispensing and blackening, test the effect, and then buy from us.
Before we leave the machine, we will configure all accessories that meet your production needs, such as: shoe sole dispensing, we will not configure conventional blackened rubber parts and single-component dispensing valves, but with iron fluoride hose accessories, so that you can produce more in line with the requirements, and there will be no sudden hardening of glue in the production process. If you need 551 dispensing machines, please contact us.