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Precision positioning desktop automatic spray dispensing mac

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Jet positioning dispensing machine is the type of machine manufactured by our medium-sized jet dispensing machine manufacturer. It uses single-liquid jet dispensing valve combined with three-axis dispensing machine to produce good dispensing equipment. It uses a machine with mature control technology and advanced single-liquid jet dispensing valve, dispensing efficiency will be greatly improved, and it can better meet the requirements of high-precision dispensing.
Price of Imported Jet Valve
The price of jet dispensing valve belongs to the most expensive valve in dispensing valve. There are domestic jet dispensing valve and imported dispensing valve. The price difference between them is large. The price of domestic dispensing valve is between 50,000 and 10,000. The price of imported jet dispensing valve is between 40,000 and 60,000. The price of imported jet dispensing valve is high, which has much to do with the quality of dispensing valve. Generally, domestic dispensing valve does not have any relationship with the quality of dispensing valve. Imported high-end dispensing valve, you can choose a single liquid injection dispensing valve according to your needs.
Explanation on Types of Jet Dispenser
Jet dispensing machine manufacturer produces spray positioning dispensing machine type without Z axis, only X/Y double axis, which has a direct relationship with single liquid injection dispensing valve. The spray dispensing valve generally adopts piezoelectric control, the different height will affect the dispensing effect, so it can not drop or rise freely, otherwise it will cause spray uneven, directly affect the product quality, so this is an injection. The positioning dispensing machine can dispense glue only by placing the product on the Y axis. The dispensing accuracy is high, and it is similar to positioning.
Applicable glue and viscosity
Precision positioning desktop automatic spray dispensing machine is outstanding in dispensing effect and glue quantity control. More importantly, it can still meet the requirements of circular dispensing and arc dispensing. Moreover, this spray positioning dispensing machine is particularly prominent in the use of low-viscosity glue, such as ink, paint, alcohol, grease, etc., and its viscosity is 1-5000 cps. Fruit is the best, in addition to the dispensing effect, but also say the dispensing speed of jet dispensing machine.
喷射式点胶机 Dispensing speed of jet machine
Generally, the speed of three-axis dispensing machine is 500 mm/s, but the use of single-liquid injection dispensing valve can break through this range. The spraying speed can reach 1000 mm/s, the production speed can be increased, but the dispensing effect has not been reduced. This is a very rare point. This is also the main reason why the spraying dispensing valve is expensive, otherwise the manufacturer will not pay.
Jet positioning dispensing machine belongs to a relatively simple type of jet dispensing machine, and its production intensity is not very high. It is fixed on the original Z axis, and then street dispensing controller, sensor and single liquid injection dispensing valve can become a saleable jet positioning dispensing machine. If you need to use jet dispensing machine, you can go to our medium-sized dispensing machine manufacturer. We not only produce desktop dispensing machine, but also produce online visual dispensing machine, which can give you a more favorable price of jet dispensing valve. Welcome to call.