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Automatic hot melt sprayer for hot melt adhesive dispensing

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The use of hot melt glue requires a dispensing machine that meets the need for glue. This is a special type of glue. Generally, the glue is fluidity. The hot melt glue is packed with particles or sticks. It can not be dispensing directly with dispensing machine. It needs to be heated by hot melt glue spraying machine before dispensing function can be carried out. Therefore, it needs to be matched with a suitable hot melt spray valve and dispensing machine.
Hot melt adhesives need heating
三轴热熔胶点胶机 Our dispensing machine manufactures an automatic type and manual type hot melt adhesive spray machine, both of which can be used for hot melt adhesive, and also has the function of thermal insulation. It can prevent the temperature from being too high or too low. After heating, the use of hot melt adhesive is simple, and it can continue to do the dispensing of perfume bottle cap, so that dispensing is simpler and more effective.
Hot melt glue sprayer has automatic and manual models:
Automatic hot melt adhesive dispenser is divided into three axis machine platform and large machine platform. The three axis platform belongs to the conventional dispensing machine, also known as the desktop dispenser. It is a standard dispensing equipment, which can meet some usual industry dispensing, such as perfume bottle cap dispensing, tablet PC sealing, etc. these industries can be used; large hot-melt adhesive sprayer is non-standard. The dispensing machine, which needs to be manufactured according to the dispensing requirements, can meet more dispensing requirements.
Manual hot melt glue sprayer
The cost of manual hot melt spraying machine is lower than that of automatic hot melt spraying machine. Generally, the price is more than 10,000, and it can also fulfill the dispensing requirements of many industries. Manual dispensing can also store a large amount of glue, one-time can store the glue quantity needed for the whole dispensing, and hot melt glue can also be added in the dispensing process, which is very convenient for application.
There are three kinds of hot melt adhesive sprayer. If you need any of them, you can contact us, manual hot-melt glue spray machine and automatic hot melt glue spray machine. We can set dispensing requirements according to your production requirements, such as perfume bottle cap dispensing, which is the hot melt adhesive spray machine designed according to this requirement.