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Fully Automatic Three-Axis Desktop Jet High Speed Dispenser

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Automatic three-axis dispensing machine is the classical standard equipment in dispensing equipment industry. Many types of machines are modified on the basis of three-axis dispensing machine. Because three-axis dispensing technology can realize three-dimensional dispensing technology, and can realize a variety of dispensing functions, such as line, line, point-to-point and irregular curve dispensing, spray automatic high. Quick dispensing machine is also produced with three-axis structure.
Dispensing accuracy of jet equipment
自动www.668866.com The spray automatic high-speed dispensing machine is more comprehensive than the ordinary three-axis automatic dispensing machine in dispensing technology, and has a higher dispensing accuracy. The general dispensing accuracy is 1 mm, while the spray dispensing machine can reach 0.01, especially with the use of low-viscosity glue, the use effect is better, the coating speed is faster, and the spray high-speed dispensing machine. The prominent point is that the speed is fast and the dispensing accuracy is high. In terms of machine specifications, it is the same as the ordinary automatic dispensing machine.
Three kinds of spray dispensing equipment
喷射式三轴点胶机 Touch screen or computer terminal can also be used in desktop automatic high-speed dispensing machine. Two ways can be used, which are more flexible and convenient than using constant control system, and can achieve more complex dispensing effect. In product dispensing, smaller product coating technology will be brought into play to meet more dispensing requirements, such as using computer terminal. With visual dispensing system, image forming technology can be used, more effective coating technology can be issued, dispensing can be positioned, dispensing position need not be set manually, as long as image forming technology is used, dispensing function can be identified, function will be different, dispensing effect will be better.
The spray automatic high-speed dispensing machine is higher than the automatic dispensing machine. It can realize more dispensing functions and meet the requirements of coating more easily. The dispensing effect will also be improved. This is the effect of using advanced accessories. If you need high-precision dispensing equipment, you can try our dispensing equipment.