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Automatic Desktop Hot Melt Adhesive Machine

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Guide: Small hot melt glue dispenser is refitted from automatic dispensing machine. It uses hot melt glue dispensing valve and constant temperature and pressure control device as main accessories. It can heat hot melt glue and dispensing glue. It has made quite a lot of modifications in function. It can solve the problem that hot melt glue is solid glue and also solve glue glue sticky. Accuracy of connection.
Application of Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
小型热熔胶机 Tablet computer frame dispensing can be carried out by double Y-axis small hot-melt glue dispensing machine, which meets the requirements of dispensing precision and glue quantity. Tablet computer only applies glue on the frame, but needs less glue quantity. Small hot-melt glue dispensing machine can not only meet the requirements of glue quantity, but also the accuracy of dispensing is the most satisfied place. Because the machine can control the amount of glue and the area of glue coating, it can meet the requirement of dispensing glue on the frame of tablet computer. This is the characteristic of small hot melt glue machine.
桌面式热熔胶机 Hot melt glue heating can be achieved by a few types of machines, for example, using sealed hot melt glue for use, need to use hot melt glue machine, after glue heating, and then put the product on the working platform for dispensing, the first step requires hot melt glue 160 degrees high temperature, waiting for glue to be available. After natural fluidity, the product is coated and then bonded or folded manually, which can be completed. Small hot melt adhesive machine also needs manual assistant production. The effect may not be as good as on-line full automation, but the production effect is still several times better than the manual effect, especially in dispensing accuracy.
Two Kinds of Temperature Heating Devices
Temperature heating device is the core of small hot melt glue machine. There are actually two kinds of heating devices, one is manual hot melt glue machine, the other is hot melt glue dispensing valve, which can realize long-term dispensing requirements by manual and automatic combination. The manual hot melt glue machine can store about 20 liters of hot melt glue for sealing box, while the temperature heating device can only store 20 liters of hot melt glue for sealing box. Storage of 30 ml glue, but the cost of use is more than 10,000 yuan more than the temperature heating device, hot melt glue heating effect is the same. With the improvement of process technology, the production is also increasing gradually. The on-line production mode can be used in the dispensing of tablet computer frame, which can not be achieved by the small hot melt adhesive machine.