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Gantry precision jet dispenser

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Precision jet dispensing machine is a kind of glue filling machine, which is used to uniformly coat liquids, such as fluids or paints, with air pressure on leather, textiles, paper, etc. It has the characteristics of dust-proof, moisture-proof, sealing and prolonging the service life of products.
In traditional distribution, manual method, paste and insert method are usually used, but in today's society, it has become a high-cost production, and there are also shortcomings of inefficiency and uneven bonding. There is a dispensing machine specially used for spraying. It is a new type of machine, which has appeared in the demand of high-precision dispensing industry. The application of sealing technology is becoming more and more widespread. The spray dispensing machine has the advantages of strong operability, easy operation, long service life, high protection level and low cost.
In industrial production, dispensing is needed in many places. However, how to select distributors with high performance-price ratio is a problem that many customers are confused with. Let's talk about how to choose a high performance price ratio precision jet dispenser.
First of all, of course, we need to look at the configuration of jet dispensing machine. Good mechanical configuration can meet the requirements of high-precision dispensing production line.
The XY axis of Japanese Fuji servo motor (Fuji servo has self-tuning function and can automatically adjust low rigidity equipment to meet most applications; the design life of key components is up to 10 years to ensure smooth operation of the equipment) Silver guide rail on Taiwan, German solenoid valve, XYZ spiral arm conveying (XYZ repetition accuracy (+0.02 mm), maximum speed 1000mm). / Seconds, analysis of 0.001 mm, using high-end import configuration, so as to meet the following requirements:
1. Make sure that the amount of glue is the same, the function is more humanized and the operation is simpler. Easy point, straight line, arc and irregular curve, so as to produce high quality products.
龙门落地式点胶机 2. Precision jet dispensing machine has long service life. It can be used for glue dispensing, dispensing alternately left and right, presenting the machine, so that the working parts of the machine do not stop working.
3. No need to make mould, dispensing products can be placed at will, 360 degrees of all-round visual positioning. The visual distribution platform is a gantry motion structure. Platform does not move, Y axis moves, output is higher, performance is more stable.
5. The program can be programmed arbitrarily according to the processing speed of the product and the pre-opening and pre-closing of glue. With image teaching settings and DXF file import function.
6. With its reliable quality and high performance-price ratio, as a complete set of operating system operation control platform.