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How to Debug the Coating Machine to the Best State

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1. Place the double-liquid dispensing valve filled with glue in the bracket of the glue applicator and fix it. For example, when the two-component glue is installed, the outlets A and B of the pressure drum are respectively connected with A and B glue. The mixing degree of A and B glue is determined by the length of the mixing pipe from the mixing tee of the dispensing valve to the mixing pipe. Glue can only be controlled by controlling pressure. A glue and B glue are rotated and mixed by a series of left and right rotating blades arranged vertically in the mixing tube. When the glue passes through the mixing pipe, continuous cutting and recombination are carried out to form a uniform mixture to ensure the accurate glue output.
双工位涂胶机 Line Linking Mode of Automatic Glue Coating Machine
2. Connect the air valve, connect the controller port of the glue dispensing machine to the double liquid dispensing valve through the air pipe, connect the dispensing valve to the Airin and dispensing controller, and connect the glue dispensing machine.
3. Connect the signal interface of the glue machine to the signal input interface of the controller through the interface, and connect the pedal to the operation interface of the glue machine to control the operation of the glue machine. Connect the Z-axis connection cable plug to the Z-axis. If the controller used is the same as the connector of the gluing machine, the machine port, double-core gluing and four-core operation can be seen according to the number of connector cores.
双工位点胶机 4. Select the handheld programmer on the left side of the glue machine through serial port line. If the type of connector used in dispensing controller is different from that on the back of dispensing machine, the cable can be made and connected according to the instructions of dispensing controller, which is the debugging process of dispensing machine.