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Fully automatic thread glue injection machine for screw glui

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Thread injection machine belongs to one of the types of automatic dispensing machine equipment. Every medium-sized injection machine has the corresponding function of injecting glue, and the machine equipment is also a clear way of distribution. This product should be used in thread industry dispensing. Many manufacturers like to use machine application industry or glue for naming. It is similar to silica gel dispensing machine, yellow gel coating machine and electronic dispensing machine.
Fully automatic thread injection machine is widely used in electronics, hardware and other industries. What are its advantages? Discuss the advantages of threaded dispensing machine equipment application:
1. The program of automatic threaded glue injection machine is easy to set, the dispensing quantity is precisely controlled, and the speed of glue coating is set according to the demand.
2. Y-axis reversal and circular dispensing can be set to meet the special process of thread dispensing.
3. Desktop threaded dispensing machine or cabinet dispensing machine can be customized according to production needs, various specifications, with manipulators, etc.
4. Constant control system is simple and easy to operate. It can also be easily operated with touch screen. The operation parameters are intuitive and clear.
5. Precision control speed dispensing technology greatly improves the reliability of product quality such as screw, screw, pneumatic component joint and so on.
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Thread injection machine uses special threaded glue, need to make corresponding changes in the field of re-dispensing valves, can not use ordinary glue valves, need to use anaerobic glue dispensing valves, otherwise it is particularly easy to cause glue solidification inside the glue valves, need to use special materials to make, in order to be able to collocate with threaded valves for glue coating.