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Jet Silver Paste Coating Machine

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Silver paste gluing machine is mainly used for silver paste gluing or dispensing, using high-end configuration - Germany imported silver paste spraying valve and high-precision visual system collocation and silver paste gluing equipment. Mainly equipped with silver paste jet valve, using German silver paste spray valve, and working principle based on pneumatic principle in a non-contact way. The use of jet valves in silver paste coating can help users to carry out the silver paste coating process more stably, accurately and quickly.
What are the characteristics of the visual glue applicator and the Silver Jet glue applicator developed and manufactured independently by the Neutral Automation Company?
1. The silver paste coating machine independently developed and manufactured by the neutral system, combined with new equipment produced by various technologies, adopts precise spray valves to ensure that the silver paste can be dispensed precisely and evenly.
2. Non-contact spraying point silver paste does not directly contact the product surface, reducing the harm of scratched product surface;
喷射式压点式点胶阀 3. The amount of silver slurry can be precise to 200-300 um, which is a difficult technology to achieve, and also a requirement for new breakthroughs in rubber valve accessories.
4. Jet valves are used to control the gluing and sealing of various conductive silver pastes. High-quality silver paste spray valves realize high-quality silver paste product technology.