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Thermal conductive gel filling machine developed in China

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The common thermal conductive gel in the market is a kind of super-high viscosity thermal conductive material. When the thermal conductive powder and silica gel are completely mixed, the parametric chemical reaction will occur, the gel will solidify after coating, and the production needs to be completed in vacuum. Therefore, we have produced a thermal conductive gel filling machine, which is equipped with local vacuum for irrigation. Adhesive, in line with the use of thermal conductive gel requirements.
Our manufacturer independently develops and produces various types of glue-coating equipment, including standard store glue-coating machine, silica gel-coating machine, heat-conducting gel-filling machine, jet-spraying machine and visual dispensing machine. These are all types of machines that we can produce. Today we will talk about the special features of heat-conducting gel-filling machine. .
What are the application characteristics of thermal conductive gel pouring machine?
1. Thermal conductive gel dispensing machine realizes high quality dispensing without bubbles by virtue of its precise dispensing performance.
灌胶机 2. The uniformity of high-precision glue quantity and the consistency of glue point.
3. The operation is simple. A machine can replace the manual dispensing speed of 3-5. It has good gluing function and can be operated according to the requirements of product gluing.
Our glue dispensing machine is suitable for different viscosities of glue, from low to high viscosities, because we will equip the desired dispensing accessories to ensure that the process can be applied, such as precision dispensing valves, glue dispensing valves, jet valves, and so on. These are all parts of the glue dispensing that we can match, and our manufacturers will also. Provide special automatic glue filling solutions, such as thermal conductive gel filling machine can use two-component mixing glue.