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Chinese non-standard multi axis automatic gluing machine

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How do you know about multi-axis? Normally, it is equipped with a dispensing valve on the machine, and the multi-axis is equipped with more than two dispensing valves, so it is called multi-axis automatic glue coating machine. The multi-axis machine can be customized according to industry requirements, and is also called non-standard. Generally, it is called non-standard multi-axis automatic glue coating machine on the Internet.
非标多轴全www.668866.com The representative machines of non-standard multi-axis automatic gluing machine are: electronic cigarette gluing machine, duplex position gluing machine (spot), multi-head hot melt gluing machine and multi-head gluing machine. There are two kinds of structure, floor-type and desktop-type. They can basically include various industry application requirements at present. Limitations: they meet the requirements of producing the same product, and two axes can not produce different types of gluing products at the same time. The order adjustment method is relatively troublesome and has advantages: speed, efficiency and quality are guaranteed.
双头桌面式全自动涂胶机 Characteristic of desktop non-standard multi-axis automatic gluing machine
1. The production line can be placed for production. The requirement for environment and space is not high, and the production location can be changed at any time.
2. Low cost, fast production cycle, basically only need five days to produce.
3. Machine width can be customized, such as: X axis 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm and 700 mm, dispensing spacing can be dispensing, flexibility.
4. The structure is simple and relatively easy.
5. The production speed can reach 350 mm/s.
Characteristics of floor-mounted non-standard multi-axis automatic gluing machine
1. Complex structure with diversified dispensing accessories
2. It needs to be manufactured according to the requirements of pipeline production, and the production cycle is longer.
3. Various types of glue can be used, single liquid and double liquid glue can be used.
4. Create automatic dispensing mode without manual assistance.
5. It conforms to the production of large-scale technological products, and the precision of gluing can be controlled.
6. The cost of dispensing accessories is high and the production effect is good.
Although the non-standard multi-axis automatic glue coating machine is a non-standard machine, it is already a standard machine for us. The production process of the machine is completely mastered and the production is simple. It only needs to give a production cycle to completely produce the corresponding glue coating machine. It only needs to give us time to produce the machine that meets your requirements, of course, this cycle is only a short one. It will take a few days, and it won't take your manufacturer too long to wait.