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Non contact high speed jet dispensing machine

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Non-contact high-speed jet dispensing machine is a very high-end dispensing equipment, using imported jet dispensing valve as control device, no longer using traditional glue coating technology, but a non-contact way, dispensing accuracy is particularly high, easy to clean, production speed, so it can achieve better glue coating effect, which is the non-contact high-speed spraying type produced by our intermediate production. Dispensing machine.
Structure of jet dispenser
高速压电式点胶阀 Using desktop three-axis dispensing machine as the basic structure, combined with jet dispensing valve, touch screen and PLC system, a very complex dispensing accessories are added to the simple three-axis platform to increase the dispensing effect in the industry. Because the demand of dispensing accuracy is very low in the industry now, because of the requirements of precision, quality and speed, better dispensing machine equipment can only be used. Be able to meet the requirements.
And its functions and characteristics
Non-contact high-speed jet dispensing machine can control the flow of glue and the flow of glue very well. The precision can reach the range of 0.01mm. This is the flow of glue. The width of dispensing can be controlled at 0.1mm. The use of jet dispensing valve is more in line with the use of glue with low and medium viscosity. Because jet dispensing valve uses current as power source and pressure strength, but it is not easy to meet the production requirements. Requirements, with the jet valve structure design has a lot to do, the air pressure is not large enough, the glue flow is poor, the use of more difficult, the use of low viscosity glue can be quickly glued.
Machine parameters and structure
Machine Model: Zz-3300 Machine Type Desktop Three-Axis Dispenser
非接触式高速喷射式点胶机 Scope of work: 400*400*100 mm maximum speed 400 mm
The dispensing accuracy is 0.01 mm and the repetition accuracy is +0.01 mm.
Operation mode PLC system transmission mode: synchronous belt (selection of screw)
Power Supply Power AC200V 50-60HZ 1.3KW Weight 65kg
Environmental stability: temperature: 0-40. Welcome humidity: 20%-90%.