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Automatic desktop vision spray type glue dropping machine

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At present, a large number of manufacturers are using dispensing machine for dispensing on the production line, but some larger manufacturers will find that even if the efficiency of using dispensing machine for spot production is not enough, then a more intelligent dispensing machine spray type glue dropping machine will appear at this time.
Jet dispensing machine is also known as non touch dispensing machine, jet dispensing machine and other names. It is specially used to control the liquid according to the requirements. Its dispensing method is a product that uses jet device to spray the liquid to the place where users need to dispensing. Its dispensing efficiency is much faster than the traditional dispensing method, so those who use the traditional dispensing machine feel If the production efficiency is not enough, the manufacturer can replace the spray type glue dropping machine for operation.
Here are his advantages
It is a cost-effective machine with high performance. It can increase the consistency of dispensing, and then reduce the materials used in dispensing, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Equipped with advanced visual positioning system, it can be more accurate positioning.
The above is a simple introduction to the spray type gutta percha machine, hoping to help you.