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Three dimensional automatic dispensing machine

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Three dimensional automatic dispensing machine is commonly used in modern industrial production of a dispensing equipment, is a pioneer in the domestic dispensing spray technology, the detection system can realize the 3D with unique automatic work, applied to the surface and the bottom of the package filling effect is very good, the ratio for dispensing the market is very high.
Glue uniform strong and precise contraposition features such as automatic dispensing process. It is widely used in small objects, this is because the 3D automatic dispensing machine adopts stepper motor as the drive mode, with the continuous innovation and development of dispensing technology level, the application field is constantly expanding, three-dimensional automatic dispensing machine is widely used in various investment the industrial production process, and improve the capacity and efficiency of dispensing objects, is an important tool for automatic production.
Three dimensional automatic dispensing glue glue evenly, the speed and time of the operation are shown alone with the adjustment of teaching box, adjusted to avoid the impact of other automatic dispensing work adjustment through the teaching box, to ensure a stable glue without blemish, the internal space of the storage programming file reaches the high capacity of 4G can store different dispensing programming file.
The dispensing machine through the automatic mechanical arm unique configuration to achieve high flexibility of the three-dimensional dispensing mode, manipulator to realize the three-dimensional dispensing mode can perform different dispensing work, whether it is applied to the surface of the package or dispensing underfill work can ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of dispensing. The PP flexible dispensing needle is used to perform dispensing, which avoids the problem of unsmooth dispensing, and does not scratch the surface of the dispensing object. It is a very practical dispenser.