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Automatic double Y-axis double guide rail dispensing machine

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  The full-automatic dispensing machine produced by double Y-axis guide rail design mode adopts multi station production technology, realizes double product dispensing by using the difference in working time. A double axis system is installed inside the machine to allow the machine to work independently, while placing the product on the left, the right machine is still dispensing, and the workers are not waiting for the mechanical dispensing to finish. There is a time difference and workload arrangement The whole line is orderly, and the production speed is much higher than that of single production.
  The adoption of double guide rail has improved the technical production speed, which belongs to the single axis upgraded version. The working performance has been further improved, and the production speed can be arranged more reasonably. The application shows that the production technology has been greatly improved. Now the double guide rail dispensing machine has replaced the single axis automatic dispensing machine in the market position, and the purchase cost of the machine is almost the same, which is one fourth faster.
  Hot melt adhesive can be applied to install accessories that meet the requirements, such as thermostatic controller and hot melt adhesive dispensing valve. In fact, this is very convenient. The working platform does not need to be replaced, and it can be operated directly from the accessories. After replacement, it can be used directly, which is not always convenient. Moreover, the injection control is accurate, ensuring the production effect, using different accessories, and matching Is good, no compatibility problems, double guide dispensing machine is so good.
  The glue filling control effect comes from the accessories. If it does not meet the standard, it is difficult to achieve the glue filling control. There are thick and thin glue dispensing accessories, which can be matched according to the requirements. It is the same as the hot-melt glue coating. Each kind of accessories will present different glue dispensing technology. The double guide rail glue dispensing function can achieve any effect of single axis glue coating.