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Full automatic thread adhesive anaerobic dispensing machine

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Anaerobic glue dispenser is an automatic machine specially used for anaerobic glue and screw glue. With special glue dispensing valve, it can solve the particularity of glue. In general, screw glue and anaerobic glue can not be used for glue dispensing valve, because glue and quick dry glue have the same thing. Using other glue dispensing valves, the cost is too high, which is not conducive to production.
The standard machine of full-automatic anaerobic glue dispensing machine is desktop machine with three-axis mechanical structure. The machine specification can be customized, and the length and width can be designed according to the existing requirements. The advantage of adopting three-axis structure lies in the control of the machine dispensing surface. According to the existing gluing effect and the design rules, the product gluing effect will be particularly obvious, and the existing gluing problems can be solved.
The anaerobic glue dispensing valve is made of stainless steel + Teflon. The Teflon material will not react with the glue chemically. The cleaning is relatively simple. The thread adhesive is very strong, which is particularly easy to cause the glue internal blockage. According to this requirement, the Teflon material is used to remove the glue water viscosity naturally, which will not cause the glue to stick to the inside of the glue dispensing valve. This is the anaerobic glue dispensing valve One of the main reasons for the use of anaerobic and screw adhesives. The internal part of anaerobic glue dispensing valve still adopts diaphragm device, which can control glue flow, and its service life is about 1 million times.
The features of anaerobic glue dispenser are the same as those of ordinary glue dispenser, and the functional features are all the same, but there are differences in accessories. Different types of glue are used, the dispensing effect is the same, controllable and adjustable, which can be used in the assembly line, combined with the existing production mode, to accelerate the production speed of manufacturers.