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Automatic hot melt glue sprayer

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  Hot melt glue sprayer is a kind of special hot melt glue machine and equipment. It is widely used in dispensing and coating of various products, including daily necessities, household products, auto parts, hardware products, etc. hot melt glue can be used. When the manual production speed is slow, machine can be used instead of manual production, so hot melt glue sprayer came into being Hot machines that use hot melts.
  The hot melt glue needs to be heated to melt the glue with fluidity before it can be delivered to the point glue valve. The accessories used by each glue sprayer must have high temperature resistance, otherwise it is particularly easy to cause burns, not durable, and there is no way to use. The price of a hot melt glue sprayer must be higher than that of other versions of the glue sprayer. The rubber pipe also uses the heating pipe, so the price is higher It is more than ten times more expensive than ordinary rubber hose, and the overall machine price will be greatly improved. The use of hot-melt glue is quite different from ordinary glue.
  The hot-melt adhesive is used to spray the magnetic therapy pillow on the surface. After the whole hot-melt adhesive is heated and melted, the product is sprayed on the product to ensure the softness of the product, and there is a certain amount of water-proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and so on. Will a layer of glue not be toxic? Hot melt adhesive is a kind of resin, which is non-toxic and tasteless. The high-grade magnetic therapy pillow is sprayed by hot melt adhesive. The process of a hot melt adhesive sprayer is more complicated than that of a common horn glue machine, and the process degree is higher.
  The heating of hot-melt adhesive needs constant temperature device, and the temperature can be set at a constant value, so as to ensure the temperature of use all the time. It does not need to worry about the heating problem frequently. However, the hot-melt adhesive has a long service cycle, which is not often used. It is directly placed in the glue storage tank of the hot-melt adhesive sprayer. If the direct heating is used, the magnetic therapy pillow spray can be directly carried out.
  Horn glue is a kind of yellow glue like product. The viscosity of glue is not high. Ordinary three-axis glue sprayer can meet the production demand. The configuration and price of horn glue are lower than that of hot-melt glue sprayer. Each machine has different price, application effect and production efficiency. In order to solve the manufacturer's production problems, our company will continue to develop new machines. At present, there are large-scale machines Dispensing machine, multi-axis dispensing equipment, etc., can achieve multi-functional dispensing effect.