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Stainless steel pressure bucket with tape funnel

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  How to add glue in the middle of the two-component floor glue filling machine requires a kind of machine accessories, called funnel pressure bucket. The principle is to install a funnel on the side of the pressure bucket, which can pour glue from the funnel. If there is glue volume warning in the glue filling equipment, the glue can be poured into the funnel, which will naturally flow into the pressure bucket, avoiding the problem of insufficient glue volume in the car lamp.

  Advantages of using funnel pressure bucket

  Funnel pressure bucket is a very important accessory in the glue filling industry. Generally, the glue used for glue filling is very large. If the pressure bucket is manufactured to meet the glue volume of one day, its volume is too large, it will seriously occupy the factory area, and the machine is not coordinated. It still has a certain impact on glue filling, reducing the volume of the pressure bucket, increasing the funnel device, realizing glue adding in the middle and improving the continuity of glue filling.
  The two-component floor type glue filling machine is used for the glue filling of automobile lamps. The amount of glue is very large every day. The glue is applied around the automobile lamps. The production speed can be 5 to 8 seconds. To complete the glue filling of a headlamp, it needs about 30 kg of glue every day. The pressure bucket is equipped with a 20 liter pressure bucket. The glue is added once a day in the middle of the process, but it is a two-liquid glue, and it is not necessary to clean the pressure bucket. This is very convenient The floor glue filling machine has the function of automatic cleaning, which can solve the problem of pipe glue cleaning device.
  In the glue filling machine of automobile lamp, there is also the automatic programming function. The glue filling platform produced by our company adopts PLC system and touch screen programming device, which can realize the automatic programming function. The program is presented automatically, with higher accuracy, so as to avoid the problem that Xiaobai can't operate and has a high degree of automation. Now the programming can be realized by a computer, without using the handle mode, and the production can be seen directly For each trace of the product, draw the outgoing line on the computer, and the two-component floor glue filling machine will move according to the requirements. The glue flow rate, speed, glue filling proportion, absorption rate, etc. can be set on the touch screen.
  A floor glue filling machine has a very good degree of automation, which is basically a combination of machine and computer. The computer programmed program is directly input to the glue filling equipment, and the glue filling can be carried out by adjusting the parameters, such as: automobile lamp glue filling, ignition coil glue filling, power supply glue filling, etc., with a very high degree of automation and more humanized.