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Non contact automatic dispensing machine for furniture produ

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China is currently developing countries from developed countries in transition, this is the per capita consumption level to bring economic advantages, the overall level of domestic furniture is not high, most of the furniture manufacturers belong to the production of small and medium enterprises, with the rapid development of the city, the overall demand for furniture and also drive, furniture demand is an important driving force for enterprise development. So far all kinds of large furniture market share ratio is higher, the non-contact automatic dispensing machine is widely used in furniture manufacturing industry, can help manufacturers achieve high efficiency production.
Many large furniture sales on the market in great demand, such as bed and sofa and other necessities sales is more striking, in order to long-term development in the furniture industry growth, the current furniture production is moving towards the development of new product development, the production technology requirements are rising, non contact type automatic the dispenser to help them achieve high efficiency of production, because the furniture generally covers a vast area and demand effect is high, so the non-contact automatic dispensing machine can complete all kinds of furniture for glue.
Non contact automatic dispensing machine in the sofa production process, mainly for the internal sponge spraying work, so that the sponge can be fully strongly bonded at the bottom of the sofa, so that the practicality of the finished products and value rise to a level.
Non contact type automatic dispensing machine can be loaded with a non contact glue gun, glue can work on a variety of semi automatic large furniture, not only with path uniform and docking results, more important is to avoid splashing through the glue dispensing process drawing, and meet the requirements in the production of furniture aesthetic, manual the operation is simple and flexible, can help the operator to better complete the furniture spray work.