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High temperature sealing tape applicator

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  The application of high-temperature glue and the sealing tape applicator manufactured by our company can solve the problem of applying high-temperature sealant quickly. The glue type and products are targeted production. For example, 330ml high-temperature dispensing can be directly installed into the silica gel sleeve, connected with the dispensing valve, without the need to extrude the glue. The operation is convenient and simple, which can solve the problem of high-temperature glue applicator quickly The machine can be manufactured according to the product specifications.
  High temperature glue is used in many industries, such as oven, induction furnace, nuclear reduction B insulation layer, drying tunnel pipe, high temperature furnace sealing, etc. the products using high temperature glue can basically use our company's sealing tape applicator, which can be set in structure, controlled in glue quantity, qualified in dispensing accuracy, and fast in dispensing speed, which fundamentally solves the problems that may occur in sealing. Our company is a targeted production dispensing equipment Yes, although each of the above industries can be used, but the machine types are different, size, precision, there will be different, manufacturers have demand, directly report for dispensing requirements, according to your company's requirements for the production of machine types, higher value oh!
  The application of high-temperature sealant should meet the requirements of glue application accuracy and storage. From a simple way to a higher control effect, the machine conforms to the product production machine. Each version will be equipped with corresponding accessories according to the product specification, glue application requirements, glue quantity, accuracy requirements, etc., and designed with appropriate structure, which fundamentally solves the product quality problem. The application of high-temperature sealant has a wide range Our company can match the appropriate dispensing device one by one, so that your company's production becomes convenient.
  The sealing of high temperature furnace is to apply a layer of glue on the circuit and furnace side to avoid direct heat transfer, which will damage the internal circuit. According to the previous conditions, it can directly solve the problem of glue application. With a large flow dispensing valve, the gap can be painted well at one time and then screwed to ensure that there is no gap and the product quality is guaranteed. In the application area of high temperature glue, our sealing tape applicator can meet the requirements, the mechanical structure can be designed, and it is more convenient for dispensing.
  The sealing strip applicator is professional in applying high temperature sealant. Each dispensing accessory is matched according to the characteristics of high temperature sealant and product requirements, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of glue transportation and application. The effect of applying high temperature sealant is also very good, which can save labor and improve production speed. This is one of the characteristics of using automatic applicator.