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High temperature sealing strip tabletop gluing machine

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  High temperature sealing strip tabletop glue applicator is a special machine, which uses high temperature sealant for dispensing and gluing. Its structure is designed according to the product and glue type. It is suitable for the high temperature sealant of the product. According to the actual production experience of our company, it can meet the gluing requirements of high temperature furnace, oven, nuclear thermal insulation layer and drying pipeline. It is suitable for 330 gluing products of high temperature sealant type 。
  The sealing strip applicator adopts three-axis structure, namely X / Y / Z axis, which can realize three-dimensional space movement. The products with the same dimension and different height can realize dispensing. There is also a super dispensing system, which can realize all kinds of linear dispensing. The dispensing path can be set according to the product requirements. For example, the sealing of high-temperature furnace needs to be painted with arc, straight line and curve, and the path can be set directly in the operating system Set points on each point. The coordinate number is automatically input by the handle. The fixed point can be guaranteed. It only needs to be designed once and can be used permanently. It is very convenient. The sealing effect of the high-temperature furnace is very good.
  The size of glue output can also be controlled according to the product requirements. There are various types of dispensing needles and dispensing valves to fundamentally control the amount of glue so as to achieve the sealing effect of high-temperature furnace. The application of high-temperature sealant must meet the product coating parameters. The sealant applicator produced by our company is diverse, with customized structure, changeable delivery mode and use It can be installed in the production mode of the structure manufacturer, with linear guide rail, the accuracy can reach 0.1mm, and with screw rod, the accuracy can reach 0.01mm, but the two prices are not understood, and we can do it.
  The application range of high-temperature glue is very wide. The high-temperature furnace sealing and the above mentioned industries are only one of them. Many industries are available. There are basically no machines that our company can't make in the application range of high-temperature glue. The sealing effect of high-temperature furnace is very helpful. If you have the corresponding manufacturers that need to apply high-temperature sealant, you can choose our company to customize the tabletop gluing machine for you, which is not the standard one The difference between the standard prices is not big, but only the increase or decrease of materials. The cost will increase or decrease, which is determined according to the actual situation,
  The high temperature sealant can be directly installed on the machine by the sealing strip gluing machine. Our company has made a special silica gel barrel for storing 290 ~ 330ml, which can directly install 300ml of supporting glue on the arm of the machine, connect the dispensing valve, and realize the automatic glue delivery. The dispensing control is accurate, and the production is more convenient. It does not need to extrude the glue, and then place it in the dispensing needle barrel, which is convenient for production and glue Accurate control, more in line with the needs of modern high-temperature sealant. At present, the desktop gluing machine developed by our company meets most of the high-temperature glue application industries. If your company uses high-temperature glue and wants to modernize the production mode, you can choose our desktop gluing machine!