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Glue dispensing of LED lamp

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  The manufacturer must also have this demand for the glue dispensing of LED lighting lamp, and just our company has such a machine, platform type glue dispensing, which has good glue dispensing function and can complete the impossible glue dispensing operation. For example, the glue dispensing at the bottom of LED lighting lamp needs to be coated with a layer of silica gel to connect the bottom shell with the lighting lamp core. The glue coating accuracy should be accurate and not exceed ± 0.02% of the glue quantity.

  Recommended 5331 dispenser

  5331 dispensing machine is the dispensing equipment recommended by our company for use by manufacturers. Generally, the specification of LED light is not very large. Two dispensing platforms can be used for dispensing left and right. The time difference between taking products and putting products can not only reduce the production intensity of workers, but also significantly improve the production efficiency. Without affecting the dispensing effect, the dispensing speed is increased. This is what 5331 dispensing machine can give The answer.

  Glue dispensing procedure of lighting lamp

  Take the product → place the working platform → automatic dispensing of the machine → take the product.
  The lighting lamp dispensing can meet the requirements of speed and product quality. If the function and speed are guaranteed, the 5331 dispensing machine produced by our company can be used and matched with the corresponding dispensing device to control the dispensing effect. According to the core requirements of the product, our company can match the appropriate machine to make the production more efficient