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Fully automatic 502 dispensing machine

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Brief introduction: the full-automatic 502 dispensing machine is specially prepared for instant dry glue, quick dry glue and 502 glue, and also meets the requirements of anaerobic glue and screw glue dispensing. In fact, these glue types and properties have certain similarities, which are high viscosity and easy to solidify. In the selection of dispensing valve, it is more inclined to anaerobic glue dispensing valve, which is easy to clean and not easy to solidify. It is very helpful for dispensing.
Application Industry: plastic frame gluing, photo album gluing, screw gluing, business license hanging frame gluing, etc. these products meet the requirements of 502 glue gluing, meet the use requirements, according to the core requirements of the product, can match the appropriate machine, so that the production more in line with the needs, speed and quality.
Parameters of fully automatic 502 dispensing machine
Model: zz-331x
Dispensing valve type: anaerobic dispensing valve
Dispensing stroke: 300 mm * 300 mm * 100 mm
Equipment type: desktop machine
Moving speed of machine axis: 500mm / S
Repeated dispensing accuracy: 0.1mm
Dispensing line width: 0.12mm
Dispensing system: constant control dispensing system
Transmission mode: stepper motor + conveyor belt / screw rod + servo motor
Power supply: AC220V 350W
Machine weight: 55kg
Actually, the features of 502 dispenser have been written for hundreds of times, which will not be introduced here. It can realize many functions. If you have such needs, you can add wechat! 13662812001 (wechat with the same number), send the work video to you directly, so that you can see the production efficiency and quality of the product intuitively. The quality of the machine is different from other products, and there is a contract, which can not meet the speed requirements. Our company needs to compensate three times. The quality of the machine is very clear, and machines without quality will not be produced.
Gluing on plastic frame: the gluing precision shall be 1mm wide, and the repetition precision shall be 0.02%. Coating a product shall be completed within 4 seconds. The specification is A4 paper size. There shall be no glue overflow problem in the coating. The line width control shall be uniform. These are all requirements for gluing on plastic frame, which shall be completed within the time, and the product quality shall be up to the standard. Can the manually controlled dispensing technology be completed? The completion speed is very slow, especially for products with low cost and price, the manual production speed is slow and the profit is low.
It's the same principle to apply instant dry glue to picture album as to apply glue to plastic frame. Using full-automatic machine can solve the problem of glue dispensing and speed, and guarantee the quality. If it exceeds any manual glue dispensing method, the production speed can be at least four to five times faster than that of motor. Now you know that 502 glue dispensing machine will be selected?