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Fenggang yellow glue applicator

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  Dongguan, as a big city of machine production, has glue applicator manufacturers in every region, such as Tangxia, Fenggang, Zhangmutou, wanjiang, Dalang, etc. there are at least five automation equipment manufacturers. If your company has such needs, you can come to Fenggang yellow glue applicator manufacturers to see the machines. There are a large number of spot machines, but large machines need to be customized, and the spot is basically the standard.
  As a manufacturer of Dongguan Fenggang yellow glue applicator, we can produce machines at present: standard desktop dispenser (331, 441, 5441), jet dispenser, large dispenser, visual dispenser and double liquid filling dispenser, etc., but only standard desktop dispenser has stock, because of the large demand and frequent use of the platform, there will be inventory, and other styles need to be customized basically according to the production Product requirements, configuration of appropriate accessories, to make it more in line with production, for example: picture frame album gluing, can use yellow glue dispenser, can use desktop platform, with yellow glue dispensing valve and controller, combined into yellow glue dispenser, let it complete picture frame album gluing.
  Yellow glue coating is also one of the commonly used technologies. It is widely used in photo album coating, wood board, electronic components and so on. There are glue and products, and I don't know what glue coating machine, so I must find the glue coating machine manufacturer. The manufacturer's price is cheap, recommend appropriate machines, and guarantee after-sales service. The machines purchased in our company are basically lifelong after-sales, and the warranty is one year With strong manufacturers and after-sales guarantee.
  Yellow glue dispenser is a standard type machine produced by Fenggang yellow glue applicator of our company, which meets the requirements of picture frame and album gluing. If we need to apply yellow glue to other products, we can produce other types of machines, make some changes, make the machines more in line with the needs of the industry, have some demand precision, some demand large flow, some demand even, etc., all of which are available. Find a manufacturer It's very important, and I'm an important manufacturer. I can cooperate with your company in the whole process!