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Dongguan Wanjiang automatic dispensing machine

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  Dongguan Wanjiang belongs to the main urban area, with a large number of users. Our company also has a branch in the urban area, but it is opened in the way of cooperation. With our machines and the name of the partner, it is mainly screw machine and dispensing machine. The partner of screw machine mainly makes the dispensing machine, and we do the dispensing machine. The cooperation between the two companies has better resource conditions, which can better meet the needs of customers.
  Gluing glue meeting the requirements: apply electronic yellow glue, fire-retardant yellow glue, silica gel, hot melt glue, red glue, epoxy resin glue, single component styrofoam, crystal glue and glass glue, etc. single component and two-component glues can be used basically. The viscosity of single component glues can reach within 50000 (including), and the viscosity of two-component glues can meet 10:1 and 80000, while that of two-component styrofoam can meet the requirements Looking at the foaming time, with the manufacturing technology of our automatic dispensing machine, the foaming speed is fast, which can not meet the demand of styrofoam coating.

  Applied industries: electronic industry, jewelry, sign, mahjong, paper box, carton, notebook, toy, notebook dispensing, power supply, handle, speaker, buzzer, mobile phone, shoes, mirror, headset, data line, circuit board, chip, game card, business license hanging frame, keyboard, fire ball, CD box, aluminum box, new energy vehicle, auto glass, car recorder and le D industry products, such as gluing, dispensing, filling, gluing and screwing are proficient in application, which is our applied industry.
  Applying every glue and its application in that industry will be professional. Why our company has applied so many industry dispensing? Because our company manufactures appropriate automatic dispensing machines and accessories according to the core dispensing needs of the industry, such as: applying electronic yellow glue to power supply products. First, we will manufacture appropriate jigs according to the products. Second, we will match appropriate yellow glue dispensing valve. Third, we will make appropriate jigs according to the products According to the accuracy requirements, the transmission mode is matched, and the proper automatic dispensing machine is made according to three conditions, which can be achieved by the manufacturer. The manufacturing cycle of the machine is very short (three days).
  In Wanjiang dispenser manufacturers, our company ranks fairly good, belonging to the middle and high-grade automatic dispenser manufacturers. At present, the main line is desktop dispenser, jet dispenser, visual dispenser and double liquid filling dispenser. The screw machine is also desktop based. If your company has this demand, you need to find Wanjiang dispenser manufacturers, and hope to find us! Gluing electronic yellow glue or applying flame retardant yellow glue are very good at it. Welcome to field observation.