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Automatic multi axis glue applicator

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  Brief introduction: the automatic multi axis gluing machine is a non-standard machine, which is manufactured according to the needs of the manufacturer. Generally, the automatic gluing machine is mainly composed of single axis and double working positions. At present, this machine adopts three or more glue dispensing heads. Some products are not very complex in gluing. Several straight lines are applied on the plane, and multi axis gluing machine is used, which can finish gluing quickly and do more in the same time Kind of thing, is the purpose of this coating equipment.

  Features of automatic multi axis glue applicator

  1. Multi axis coating function, fast coating effect is very obvious, on the same plane, single axis and multi axis coating speed is different, multi axis speed is faster.  
  2. Compared with single axis control, multi axis control is more difficult. It is necessary to avoid the consistency of each flow of the back suction type gluing valve, so as to ensure the gluing effect. It is necessary to make corresponding matching based on the characteristics of the product. Some industries only need single axis, some need multi axis, and each industry needs different needs. Combined with the actual production mode, and then manufacture the appropriate full-automatic multi axis gluing machine, so as to be able to truly The problem of glue application is solved.
  3. Multi axis gluing machine can still achieve high viscosity glue gluing, for example: all-purpose glue gluing, the effect is very good, there are many gluing applications in aluminum-plastic plates, flat plates, gluing on the top, for two plates to fit, which can reflect the characteristics of multi axis gluing machine, more effective than single axis gluing machine.

  Application of automatic multi axis glue applicator

  Aluminum plastic plate gluing: suction type gluing valve, universal glue, multi axis gluing machine, stainless steel pressure barrel, gluing controller, gluing needle, hose and gas pipe.
  The above accessories are all combined, the stainless steel pressure barrel is used to store the all-purpose glue, the dispensing controller controls the air pressure and glue outlet of the suction type dispensing valve, the hose and the air pipe are used for conveying, the multi-axis gluing machine platform is used for the gluing track control, and all the accessories are combined to have the aluminum-plastic plate gluing.
  A full-automatic multi-axis gluing machine can present many gluing effects, and its application scope is relatively wide. Of course, it doesn't matter. Because we are a gluing machine manufacturer, and we have various machine technologies, so the manufacturer's requirements for gluing, dispensing or filling can be solved by our company, so that gluing is no longer a production problem, which has always been the core of our company's pursuit, Welcome to your company. Tel: 13662812001