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Humen tabletop gluing machine manufacturer

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  Desktop gluing machine is a standard mechanical platform, combined with dispensing accessories that meet the industry requirements, so as to meet the requirements of the industry. The standard mechanical platform and mature manufacturing technology are more in line with the needs of a small number of manufacturers. If fully automated equipment is needed, an engineering team should be sent to observe and measure the actual parameters before a suitable fully automatic one can be manufactured Chemical equipment, equivalent to desktop glue machine, more convenient.

  Desktop applicator application:

  Solar cell glue filling, solar junction box gluing, solar frame gluing, etc. in the solar energy industry, our company will use this machine. Because we can use special glue, the glue requires high temperature resistance, water resistance and good bonding effect, so we can apply glue in the solar energy industry. Moreover, the double position method is adopted, which is especially easy to realize the dispensing demand in various strips It can meet the production requirements, and the application will be more convenient.

  Features of table top gluing machine

  1. Meet the needs of high viscosity glue, smooth and not easy to block.
  2. The coating uniformity is high, can achieve the straight line, the arc and the irregular curve gluing.
  3. With time control function, it can quickly solve the fluidity of the product and finish the gluing quickly.
  4. According to the needs of the design of glue path, lifelong maintenance, one-time design of 999 groups.
  5. In line with a variety of products gluing tasks, including solar cell gluing and solar junction box gluing.
  6. In line with the use of a variety of glue types, you can change the glue to solve the problem of product for glue.
  Generally, the glue used for solar cell glue filling is silica gel, and our company is also a glue type developed from the combination of silica gel and other glues. It is specially used for solar cell gluing. Ordinary silica gel can be used for coating in solar junction box. It still has certain high temperature resistant glue and bonding effect. The type of glue determines the application position and which glue machine is used Need to see whether the price of the machine is cheap, whether it is suitable for the manufacturer, our company recommends the use of desktop type gluing machine, mainly because of its convenient operation and low price, in line with the manufacturer's production needs.