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Professional silica gel for solar energy industry

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  There are many types of silica gel. There are some differences in the production of glue manufacturers. Unless it is an agent, our company cooperates with the glue manufacturer to produce a special silicone for solar products. The glue produced according to the requirements of solar energy coating meets the requirements of glue application and has good bonding effect. As long as it is manufactured according to the requirements of solar junction box gluing and solar cell gluing The automatic gluing machine can solve the problem of both gluing.

  Glue coating of solar junction box

  Glue the slot of the junction box shell, which is generally combined type, with straight lines, arcs and curves. Apply a layer of glue to avoid overflow. The glue control should be in place. Do not know how to make the glue in each position different. Besides, we should observe whether there is floating problem after the glue solidifies. The glue height should not exceed the height of the solar junction box slot, which is a hard requirement.

  Gluing method

  First of all, design the gluing track on the table top gluing machine, measure the width of the slot, select the needle with a smaller size, and start to design the gluing path. After finishing the path drawing, start to bucket the glue, test the glue height, adjust the air pressure and glue size appropriately to avoid glue overflow. After debugging, take several samples to test and pass the test, and then you can apply glue.

 Solar cell glue filling

 It is to apply glue between the panels. The panel is a kind of expensive plastic, which has the function of heat insulation and power storage, so as to avoid the power generated by the solar panel from being transmitted to the earth. The bonding effect of this panel is very important. It needs professional silica gel coating to avoid being affected by the bad environment on the glue bonding. This is the influence of special silica gel.
  Targeted use of glue type can strengthen the manufacturer's demand for equipment. According to the core requirements of our task, manufacturing appropriate desktop gluing machine and matching with appropriate glue can quickly solve the problems of gluing. According to the core requirements, our company manufactures a suitable desktop gluing machine, which can solve the current gluing problem.