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310ML glass glue applicator

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  The glue dispensing machine can be installed in the whole glue dispenser, which can be installed on the bottom of the glue dispenser, which can be installed in the whole glue dispenser 310ML glass glue applicator.
  Advantages: the use of 310ML glass glue sleeve can save the glue time, avoid the damage of the glue that can not be used up. It is convenient to install, simple to operate, and targeted machine, which can be used more simply and effectively than ordinary machines. For example, selecting the glue that needs to be extruded to the syringe needs to be completed within the characteristic time, while the one that has not been extruded can be used all the time Our company designs glass glue applicator for all kinds of 310ML glue, such as silica gel, Pu sealant, glass glue and so on. Many glues use this packaging method.
  Features: 310ML supporting glass glue applicator is a desktop type full-automatic gluing machine, with three-axis dispensing mechanical shaft, constant control dispensing device, air pressure control device and so on. It has simple programming means and meets the needs of modern light industry production. 999 groups of programs can meet the needs of 999 groups of products. It has long service life, high accuracy and easy to use It takes half a day, basically understand how to operate and program, once programming, lifetime use, change the machine only need to import the program directly.
  Application: case gluing, cabinet gluing, shutters edge coating, building materials, glass, doors and windows, etc. the products that manufacturers need to use to support glue can use glass glue applicator. There is no glue requirement. If the machine specification is not suitable, the specification can be customized. The price basically has no difference. The maximum length can be 1.5 meters, and the glue filling machine can be 3.2 meters More in LED industry.
  The use of Pu sealant in case gluing and cabinet gluing belongs to a small range, which can be widely used. At present, the industry that needs to use glue sealing is not in a small number. If your company has the demand in this respect, you can contact our manufacturer, you can manufacture glass glue coating machine for your company, and you can also manufacture other automatic gluing machines!