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Automatic platform type gluing machine

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   Introduction: automatic platform type gluing machine is a single position gluing machine, dispensing stroke: 300 mm * 300 mm * 100 mm, minimum line width: 0.1 mm, minimum glue output 0.01 ml, repeated dispensing accuracy: ± 0.02%, moving speed: 500 mm / s. This is a plane type machine, which can be placed on the assembly line workbench for gluing. Aiming at single position products, it can improve the gluing speed, and has a wide range of applications, such as If you need to use glue, but do not know which machine is more suitable, welcome to contact us and recommend the appropriate automatic gluing machine for you!


  1. The surface coating technology is mature, and the graphics on the plane can be glued. For example, the wave line gluing technology for the expansion belt can still meet the requirements.
  2. It is suitable for all kinds of glue viscosity. Glue can be coated within 100000 viscosity, except for two-component glue with 3:1 and above mixing ratio.
  3. The glue is stable and can be applied continuously for 20 hours without dislocation. Our company will do aging test every time before leaving the machine. The general time is 24 hours. After the test is completed, we will exit the machine again.
  4. As long as the proper glue and fixture are used, the glue can be applied to different products. For example, the round fixture and the square fixture are the same glue. As long as the round fixture is replaced by the square fixture and the needle is aligned again, the surface gluing technology can be carried out.
  As a standard product of our company, the structure of automatic gluing machine is basically the same, but the size of dispensing range can be set. At present, there are 441, 551, 661 and 771 in general, and 771 needs to be customized if it exceeds it. The longest one can reach 3.2 meters. We have such technology. Now, in addition to the development of surface coating technology, we are also studying other types of gluing technology, and we are also studying without fixture This is the type of machine that can be used by a manufacturer. If you have any demand in this respect, please contact us by phone and consult our company. There is no charge!