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Table type instant glue dispenser

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  The use of 401 instant adhesive dispensing, using a professional equipment, is a guarantee for the quality. The characteristics of instant drying adhesive are rapid solidification and wide range of bonding. Only with targeted equipment can we use instant adhesive for automatic dispensing. The desktop type instant adhesive dispenser developed by our company is equipped with appropriate dispensing device, which can meet the requirements of instant drying glue dispensing and can meet the requirements of coating The demand of our company can direct more dispensing solutions.
  Table top dispenser is our main series of machines, which can fundamentally solve the dispensing problem. According to the manufacturer's cost requirements, the dispensing accuracy and cost can be fundamentally controlled. The price of a floor type dispenser is about tens of thousands of yuan, while the price of a desktop dispenser is only between 9000 and 15000. The cost is relatively low and the dispensing accuracy is accurate. It is a suitable machine The application of the corresponding position is the core of our company.
  Products made for glue types are not in small numbers, such as silica gel, crystal glue, yellow glue, epoxy resin adhesive, etc. these widely used glues have their own machines. As long as your company says that I need instant drying glue dispenser, our company will configure the manufacturer and use what dispensing device. Therefore, the naming can be realized according to the requirements of glue and locate the factory quickly and accurately Home demand, so as to better production.

   Characteristics of 401 instant glue dispenser

  1. Configuration of desktop platform, good operation interface, can design different dispensing path.
  2. Glue control is stable, there are ways to prevent glue from solidifying inside the pipe.
  3. The dispensing accuracy can be controlled within 0.1 mm (line width), and the repeated dispensing accuracy can be within ± 0.02%
  4. It can realize dispensing of various line segments, points, lines, arcs, circles and irregular curves.
  5. The dispensing speed is fast, can reach 500mm / s, high accuracy, can accurately control the dispensing flow.
  6. Professional handle controller, fool operation, half an hour familiar with the operation.
  Application range:
  Earphone, leather, plastic, metal, mobile phone case, helmet lining, shoes, toys, etc.
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