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Floor type glue filling machine

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  Introduction: the floor type glue pouring machine is a large-scale glue pouring machine produced in China. It has excellent glue filling ability, technology of mixing high proportion glue, mature glue pouring system, which can solve the requirements of glue filling, gluing and dispensing, and has good glue control ability. It is equipped with the multi-functional glue pouring platform independently developed by our company to realize the glue control effect of single head and multi head, and effectively solve the problem The demand of the former pouring glue industry!
  This is a fully automatic style, with a variety of glue filling functions, such as glue mixing, defoaming, mixing, automatic cleaning, automatic pouring, etc., with complete functions, and the effect can be adjusted according to the demand. The system is the foundation of PLC system, with its own R & D procedures and various control effects, to ensure that every product has good gluing effect. This is the full-automatic production of our company Floor type gluing machine has a wide range of applications, such as power supply, household appliances, medical treatment, led, etc!

  Water proof glue filling for power supply

  This is one of the application industries of floor type gluing machine. It is mainly used for pouring glue on the power supply, which is used for pouring and protecting internal parts. Three sides of the power supply are wrapped with aluminum box, and the other side needs to be placed with internal parts. After placing, glue sealing can play an important role, such as insulation, waterproof, heat dissipation, etc. the floor type glue pouring of our company is used for power supply waterproof grouting The machine is able to meet, but also equipped with stainless steel dispensing valve, according to the power supply for modification, three or four head glue.
  Stainless steel dispensing valve is a kind of dispensing valve specially manufactured by us. It has two types, single liquid and double liquid. In order to solve the influence of glue viscosity on the valve, the stainless steel dispensing valve has strong hardness, and there are still good solutions for high viscosity glue. To avoid poor filling effect and affect product quality, proper machine and dispensing valve are needed to use proper glue, In order to effectively improve the power supply waterproof glue pouring technology.
  If you have this kind of demand, welcome to call our telephone service hotline: 13662812001, our company is already specialized in floor type glue pouring machine, and there are many equipment for you to choose!