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Jiangsu Screw gluing machine manufacturer

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  Screw gluing is no longer an ordinary news. After gluing, the tightening effect can be enhanced. Generally, the screw is fixed only by the thread. After a long period of time, it is easy to loosen, which will inevitably cause bad. For screw gluing, it is conducive to improving the product quality. What meets the requirements of gluing is the screw gluing machine specially manufactured by our company, which is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province If you are interested, please contact us!

  For the screw glue can play an effect

  1. To prevent the screw from loosening, especially in the machine with continuous vibration, the screw is easy to loosen, and it is better to apply glue to improve the tightness.
  2. To protect the thread, screw back and forth will cause the thread to be worn and coated with glue, which can reduce the wear effect.
  3. Improve the temperature bearing capacity to avoid screw falling off due to thermal expansion and cold contraction.
  4. For a long time, the screws coated with glue can be kept for 4 years.
  For the screw gluing benefits are so high, do you know which glue machine to use? In fact, it is the desktop gluing machine produced by our company. It can be used with four axis dispensing needle cylinder pendant to finish four screws gluing at one time. The speed is also very high. One side of gluing can be used to screw the screw. The effect is great with the automatic screw machine produced by our company! The accuracy of gluing is strong, each link can be aligned, and the screw gluing and screwing tasks are solved at the same time.
  In addition to screw gluing, there are also sponge coating manufacturers that also use our machines. In fact, many manufacturers in Jiangsu will use our screw gluing machines. Because the electronic industry is popular, there are more demands for automatic screw machines and gluing machines. We often customize machines. We also open a branch in Jiangsu to better connect with manufacturers in Jiangsu. If you have this demand, welcome Call our company!
  The four axis dispensing syringe pendant is a device that can realize four axis dispensing. It can place four dispensing devices and conduct four product gluing at one time. Is the efficiency improved? Yes, our company is developing a new screw gluing machine. We also consider adding new technology to improve the gluing efficiency. The premise is to ensure the product quality. Therefore, we will ask your company to send samples and glue before we start to manufacture the machine. Before we leave the machine, we will realize the aging process. We will operate it continuously for two days to see how the effect of the machine is and whether the stability of the machine is purchased.