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Automatic dispenser

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  Introduction: automatic dispenser is a dispensing equipment with the specification of 690mm * 580mm * 600mm. The dispensing axis is formed by three axes, and four and five axes can be added. This is a standard machine and equipment, which is generally used in the industry. The volume of the machine is not very large. It can be used for dispensing products with a length of 300 mm, a height of 100 mm and a width of 300 mm. The front, side and arc surface can be glued, and the test effect is also very good Great!

  Applicable industries

  1. The front shell of mobile phone needs hot-melt glue to apply glue. The machine heats the glue and then dispensing. The function of the automatic dispenser is to control and apply glue. The appropriate amount of glue is applied to the appropriate position, and then other mobile phone accessories are installed to achieve the effect of bonding and spacing.
  2. After the glue is solidified, it can be used to seal the glue ball, and then it can be used to seal the glue ball.
  The application industry of automatic dispenser is very many. The products coated with single component fluid can basically use the automatic dispenser produced by our company, which can realize the dispensing requirements of point, line, arc, circle and irregular curve. Any figure on the plane can be accurately coated, and the glue control effect is also very good. The flow rate can be controlled large or small. Your company can also take the products Test!
  In addition to the automatic dispenser, we also produce a fully automatic dispensing and mounting machine, which is a combination model. In addition to dispensing, it can also automatically fit. For example, after the shell is coated with glue, the machine automatically moves the other half of the product into the shell, and then carries out automatic assembly. The use of general automatic dispenser needs self-assembly. The automatic dispensing and mounting machine completes these steps. However, the cost is much higher than that of the automatic dispenser. The price should be determined according to the degree of difficulty. Our company also has enough production lines, and the price will be higher than that of ordinary machines!
  Automatic dispenser is a standard machine type manufactured by our company. It can be sold in batches with large quantity and low price. The dispensing effect can be determined by the dispensing accessories used. There is no need to worry that it can not meet the production requirements of your company! In the dispensing equipment production experience, our company has been for ten years, small and large can be done, domestic and foreign markets have done Oh! If you have this kind of demand, you can contact us! Tel: 13662812001, address: No.1, LiuJie, 128 Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City.