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On line automatic dispensing and mounting machine

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  Dispensing automation production line is what every manufacturer wants to do at present. However, due to the high level of technology, it is difficult for manufacturers without engineering team to complete this arduous task. At present, the automatic production line equipment that can be manufactured by our company is not complete. It can carry out dispensing and mounting. In two steps, some products can realize automatic production, because manufacturing full-automatic production line needs money very much So it's hard for ordinary companies to complete it! Our company manufactures automatic dispensing and mounting machine because of its mature technology, and it doesn't need too much income in terms of money, so it can be completely manufactured. A complete automatic dispensing production line is not mature enough at present.

  Our company can do high-end machinery and equipment at present

  Our company has some machines and equipment: Ball planting machine dispensing, dispensing core machine, these automatic dispensing machines are with visual system, belonging to our high-end machine type, dispensing precision is high, speed, in line with the requirements of some high-precision products dispensing, the use of low viscosity glue is more, such as: paint, ink, machine spraying, visual system control, accuracy is strong, and convenient The program design is also very simple. Our company produces these machines with their application problems. It is also that the manufacturers ask us to develop these machines, and then gradually cost our mainstream machines to gradually apply to other industries, and then develop the automatic dispensing and mounting machine from the ball planting machine dispensing equipment, which belongs to the semi flow aquatic product line.

  Working principle of the machine

  The working principle of the automatic dispensing and mounting machine: use some product assembly, dispensing in a product, and then through the machine group, control the patch, automatically fall on the dispensing position, there are laminating, pressing, and then conveying to the next process. It belongs to two-stage production process. If we want to realize full automatic production, our company is still in research and development, and the process control is not very stable. Our company also has production line, toy and mobile phone assembly. There is still a gap in the effect, which can not be compared with the factory. However, the technology of ball planting machine and dispensing core machine is mature, which belongs to the representative equipment of our automatic dispensing machine Prepare, the effect is very good, you can come to our company to do proofing if necessary!
  Automatic dispensing and mounting machine has become the warping board of our company's research and development of full-automatic production line, and the technology research and development schedule is gradually strengthened. If your company has this demand, you can contact us by telephone!