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Visual automatic coating machine

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Coating machine is mainly used in electronic line spraying, to protect the circuit board, it will be sprayed with a layer of three anti-paint, which will be baked to ensure rapid curing, the machine can automatically complete the desired spraying effect. Spraying valve is a commonly used circular spray valve in the market, with a wide range of spraying, a certain thickness, and a better control of the spraying device, round, round, andStraight lines can accomplish tasks.
Features of automatic coating machine
1. The housing is designed with aluminum, which has a good appearance, stability and robustness.
3. There are both online and offline programming, which have many functions.
4. Precision spray valve has fine-tuning adjustment function, it has even atomization effect, no water droplets, and even and strong spray effect.
5. Install sensors in all locations to avoid collisions and invalid actions.
6. It has an automatic protection device, low or high pressure, which has an appropriate working effect.
7. It has the function of visual inspection to check whether the product quality is up to standard.
8. High-speed, silent effect is good. For puzzle work, it can also spray the board, and the effect is fast.
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