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High precision injection machine

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Injection type glue belongs to a new dispensing mode, compared with the traditional contact methods with the use of a more wide range, and the injection efficiency of dispensing work faster and less failure, so in the modern manufacturing automatic jet dispensing machine occupies a certain proportion of the market, including high precision jet dispensing machine is mainly used in some precision production line used for packaging and filling work in the production process.
High precision jet dispensing machine adopts the high quality aluminum manufacturing, simple and beautiful appearance has long service life. The internal working parts adopts CNC precision manufacturing, to ensure high precision and stable spray work, quality safety and stability, can maintain a long time to perform stable and efficient spray work, whether it is used in high demand the production line is used in high precision production lines are very practical.
High precision jet dispensing machine is equipped with a new type spray valve, spray valve can help users to achieve efficient spray work in a short period of time, because the jet dispensing machine is mainly through the implementation of the non-contact dispensing glue coating, without direct contact with the workpiece dispensing, to avoid the common wire or glue glue leakage problem, and will not appear the needle scraping workpiece, to ensure the efficient and stable production work.
Like other small parts of the chip package by high precision jet dispensing machine to perform, the minimum quantity of cement reached 0.01mm, to meet a variety of different dispensing slit packaging, packaging of high precision jet dispensing machine is widely used in semiconductor and PCB assembly, applicable to all kinds of properties of glue for efficient spray work. Reduce the cost and improve the human consumption of consumables conversion rate, more complete spray work for users.