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Online spray automatic multi axis glue dispenser

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Jet type automatic dispensing machine currently belongs to the best domestic dispensing equipment, daily work efficiency can be achieved 500mm/sec, of course, this is the ideal state of the speed, in reality there are always some things will affect the dispensing efficiency, can provide the best conditions for jet type automatic dispensing machine in the line of work, the production efficiency and speed can be obtained stably.
Used in the assembly line of the jet dispensing machine is called online injection type automatic dispensing machine, in fact, the market now has many different types of dispensing machines, such as: jet type automatic multi axis dispensing machine, this product is the flagship product, the use of multi axis can improve the production efficiency, convenient ways of dispensing and sealing task.
The use of two kinds of motor as a power source for online multi axis jet dispensing machine, step motor as the main output power, servo motor as the auxiliary power, so it can ensure that the jet dispensing machine in the stable operation of the dispensing process, can also speed with production speed keep consistent, not because the power led to the problem of mechanical arm the moving speed of a slow phenomenon.
Multi axis jet dispensing machine can be used in many industries such as the demand of precision, the mobile phone industry, chip industry, electronic industry and so on, these industries are the most popular choice of dispensing industry, dispensing machine good for production or production has advantages of relatively high, many domestic dispensing machines are not used to spray automatic dispensing machine, with the price it has a direct relationship, at present there is no use of dispensing products to jet dispensing machine, but the domestic manufacturing technology more and more developed, when the market is jet dispensing machine multi axis automatic dispensing machine performance.