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High speed jet type automatic glue dispenser

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With the rapid development of manufacturing industry, industrial automation and the growing popularity of today, cheap labor is no longer the biggest characteristic Chinese manufacturing, many companies have chosen to replace the manual machine, manufacturing automation production "approach to further enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises. According to the user's application needs and usage habits, we need to customize the automated production equipment, which has become the main choice of many industrial automation suppliers.
Manual operation has long been unable to meet the requirements of production efficiency and production quality, so more and more high speed glue machines are introduced to replace manual work. In accordance with the needs of the market, a series of high speed automatic injection molding machines will be designed in accordance with the needs of the market. In recent days, many customers have come to test the Chinese automatic equipment company, which specializes in automatic processing equipment for enterprises, to understand the operation of the company. The following is the latest development of a spot glue machine for you.
The name of the dispensing equipment is called high speed jet type automatic dispensing machine, this device uses a computer control mode, the configuration of the Windows Xp operating system, the operating personnel in the operation process is more simple; servo motor and ball screw drive configuration, this configuration makes the dispensing efficiency more quickly, the maximum dispensing speed up to 500 per second, the spray quality has more precision, the minimum can reach 0.001 mm, this is the ordinary dispensing equipment can not match the height.
This high speed spray automatic dispensing machine has also developed the automatic cleaning function. After the glue, only a slight touch of the switch is needed, and the cleaning work will be completed automatically.