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Three dimensional intelligent injection type glue dispenser

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In science and technology is the first productivity today, more and more industries began to use the equipment to replace the manual operation mode, in order to meet the production needs of users, the market also quickly dispensing machine types in the increase in Shenzhen in Business Automation Co. Ltd. according to user demand, after many years of experience, the independent research and development this three-dimensional intelligent jet dispensing machine, following on from the small to prepare for all users to introduce this device has the advantage that the performance?
A three-dimensional jet dispensing machine is to complete the dispensing operation equipment in a three-dimensional pattern, jet dispensing machine is mainly for precise location on products in the process of glue, paint and other liquids can complete the precise point, note, coating, spray to each product, compared with the traditional contact type dispensing equipment, this equipment is more has the superiority, so as to provide high efficiency for the dispensing process, high quality and low cost of dispensing work.
Three dimensional intelligent jet dispensing machine is based on two kinds of advantages of improved dispensing machine and the device can glue from the nozzle at a fast speed, amount of glue in every spray can be strictly controlled to 0.001 mm so accurate. The device is currently the injection rate can reach 200 Hz 1000 Hz. Each glue injection to the substrate can form a point, line, and graphics. When the location of the glue needs to be changed, no needles are needed to move to the Z axis, so the efficiency of the glue can be greatly improved.
The biggest advantage of this device is that it can quickly reach the amount of glue. A nozzle with an inner diameter of 100 microns and a length of 0.5 millimeters can be dispensed. The dispensing height is 2 millimeters, and the dispensing volume is 5 times of the inner diameter as the needle (32G).